Volume 32

Costume, Number 32, 1998



Notes on Contributors

pp. iv-iv(1)


`Drawn Mostly From Nature': David Allan's Record of Daily Dress in France and Italy, 1770-76

pp. 1-17(17)

Irwin, Francina


Eighteenth-Century Stays: Their Origins and Creators

pp. 18-32(15)

Sorge, Lynn

Whoever has a mind to abundance of trouble,
Let him furnish himself with a ship and a Woman,
For no two things will find you more Employment,
If once you begin to rig them out with all their Streamers,
Nor are they sufficiently adorned,
Or satisfied, that you have done enough to set them forth.
Plaut. Poenulus. Act. I Scen 2


Dress in Le Style Troubadour

pp. 33-44(12)

Mackrell, Alice


Rose Bertin in London?

pp. 45-51(7)

Chrisman, Kimberly


Elizabeth Gaskell, Clothes and Class Identity

pp. 52-59(8)

Worth, Rachel


Respectability in Dress in the Novels of Hesba Stretton

pp. 60-68(9)

Maynard, Janet


From Teagowns to Topees: The Costume of Lady Flora Poore

pp. 69-79(11)

Marshall, Rosalind K.


John Ruskin and Dress, 1882

pp. 80-81(2)

Buck, Anne


Dressmakers in Worthing, 1920-1950

pp. 82-86(5)

Wise, Ann


A Hat-Maker Remembers: A Conversation with John Reed-Crawford

pp. 87-93(7)

Henderson, Debbie


A Presentation at Masque IV, The Costume Guild Weekend, 1996

pp. 94-96(3)

Lansdell, Avril


Further List of Titles of Postgraduate Reports Written by the Students of the History of Dress Department at the Courtauld Institute of Art, from 1984 to 1997

pp. 97-101(5) 

Ribeiro, Aileen


Dress in History: Studies and Approaches

pp. 102-103(2)

Meiklejohn, Heather M.

The Gallery of Costume (Manchester City Art Galleries) in Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University Fiftieth Anniversary Conference, 3–6 July 1997


New Books and Articles

pp. 104-112(9)

Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.


Book Reviews

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pp. 133-141(9)


Ursula Priestley

pp. 142-142(1)

Clasburn, Pamela


Notes and Queries

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Thursday, February 26th: Calling all connoisseurs in conservation friendly underpinnings! An excellent job opportunity for a costume mounting specialist has arisen following National Museums Scotland’s recently unveiled plans to exhibit choice pieces from its extensive costume collection. Closing date 06.03.15. https://vacancies.nms.ac.uk/nms/vacancies/viewjobsumm.asp?recordid=%9Cx%8C%95%A4%92%96%8E%9E%8D%C8f%A5e%94%9C%9B%A4%5E%17%25u0118 National Museums Scotland - Vacancies vacancies.nms.ac.uk National Museums Scotland is an Equal Opportunities Employer and follows the principle of fair and open recruitment. We welcome formal applications from all sectors of the community. Information about how to volunteer with National Museums Scotland is available on our Volunteers Programme pages. In…

Thursday, February 26th: Transformation through conservation. This article follows four babies’ bonnets as they are given a new lease of life at The Bowes Museum. They are being treated for display alongside an installation of light sensitive drawings. Common Grounds: Lace Drawn from the Everyday opens in May, 2015. https://thebowesmuseum.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/washing-bonnets-for-common-grounds/ Washing Bonnets for Common Grounds thebowesmuseum.wordpress.com As you may have seen, the museum is currently preparing one of our next exhibitions “Common Grounds: Lace Drawn from the Everyday”, an installation of light sensitive drawings made by the artist Sa...